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New for 2003, we have totally redesigned our popular calipers to be even better than before, with a 36% weight reduction, and 50% increase in stiffness.

The new crossover bridge design allows us to make the maximum use of the minimum amount of material, and the optional “radial mount” feature will allow you to adapt this caliper to replace any of the popular calipers used in the past just by using the proper adapter bracket. Rotors of larger diameters or different thickness are easily accommodated.

All ICP calipers are cast using 80 kpsi tensile strength ductile cast iron – 20 kpsi stronger than our competitors. All body parts are Yellow Zinc plated for long lasting corrosion protection.

Pistons are machined from 304 Stainless Steel to a tolerance of .0002, and polished to a sub-20 micron finish. The use of stainless steel gives our pistons a heat insulating value nearly that of titanium, at a fraction of the cost.

Piston seals are custom made for us in Ethylene Propylene – one of the best brake caliper piston seal materials available.

All calipers incorporate 2 bleed screws – one per piston – for reliability in proper system bleeding. Fluid crossover passages are internal – no external pipes to break or leak.

All calipers are available set up for a variety of rotor thicknesses. Standard width for the LD20 is 3/8”. Special kits are available to upgrade your car to larger diameter rotors.

Weights: Standard ICP20 Leg or Radial mount for 3/8” rotor   2.5 lbs (4.25 lbs less than AP LD20)
Narrowed for ¼” rotor


2.4 lbs


Radial mount LD65 replacement for .812 vented rotor, with bracket


2.65 lbs (4.5 lbs less than the LD65)
Radial mount replacement for Girling 14LF, with bracket


2.45 lbs (4.5 lbs less than the Girling)
Price: Standard ICP20 Leg mount or Radial mount for 3/8” rotor


 $200 each
Narrowed ICP20 Leg or Radial for 1/4” rotor


$200 each
Girling 14LF replacement with bracket


$225 each
LD65 .812 rotor replacement with bracket $250 each