Brake Components

ICP Brake Rotors and Hats

Standard equipment on all Citation Formula Fords and FC2000s.

ICP offers the highest quality floating rotor system available for the small-bore Formula Car market. A unique square lug drive system assures the utmost in reliability, longevity, and weight savings. Rotor and Hat

All rotors are machined from custom poured castings, using a special 40kpsi high-carbon gray cast iron that has been stress-relieved prior to machining. Stress relieving minimizes potential rotor warpage during the initial heat cycle.

Rotor hats are CNC machined from solid 6061-T6 aluminum billit, and shaped to maximize weight savings. Two versions are available : the Standard at typically lbs, and the Lightweight, at less than lb. Other alloy hats are available upon request.

Rotor mounting and driving is accomplished by a unique system consisting of 10 radial slots in the ID that mate with matching square lugs machined on the rotor hat. Rotor retention is by button head cap screws and AN washers.

Rotors are available up to 10.5 in diameter, and up to .450 in width.

Cleaning slots and drilling are available upon request.

Prices start at $100 for rotors, and $135 for hats (standard weight), $155 (light weight)

Due to the huge variation in customer demands, all rotor/hat systems are made on a custom basis.