ICP History

Stephen Lathrop started Citation Engineering in 1974 as the marketing and manufacturing arm for the Zink family of race cars -  the Z12 Formula Vee, Z10 Formula Ford, and Z11 Super Vees.  These first cars were designed primarily by Ed Zink, with Citation responsible for production, marketing, and developmental updates.

In 1976 Citation designed and built the Z14 FSV (a monocoque chassis Z11).  1978 saw the introduction of the Z16 FF, followed by the 84F (1984FF), the 84V (1984 FV), 87FF and 87SF (1987) . The last complete car redesign was the Citation 94 FF and SF. Design studies are currently underway for an all-new car to be introduced in 2002.

In 1990, Richard Pare joined up with Steve, and together we formed ICP to carry on the Citation car building business. With Richardís experience and contacts from working in the CART and F1 arenas,  we expanded into the design, development, and manufacture of new and exclusive racing products.

Over the last 26 years cars from the shops of Citation Engineering and ICP have won 12 SCCA National Championships and 2 Super Vee Championships. Products of ICP design and manufacture have been integral to the winning of countless other championships, both at the pro and amateur levels.

A substantial part of our current business is as design and engineering consultants for professional level teams, with customers in CART, ASA, and NASCAR, and others. These services include both design and manufacture of custom components and trackside engineering services.

Today ICP manufacturers a small but specialized line of products for competitors' racing stock cars, sports cars, and open wheel cars, on ovals and road courses, paved and dirt tracks. Our daily experiences with a wide and diverse range of racing vehicles constantly shows us new avenues of potential race car development, and we have ongoing research programs in many areas of products that show much potential. Our goal is to provide all of our customers with the most cost-effective solutions for increasing their cars performance. We pride ourselves on the technical support we supply our customers.