Formula Vee Components

With the demise of sources for German manufacturered Volkswagon components, and the poor quality of the alternative parts sources, ICP has stepped in to produce replacements for crucial, high-stressed components. Currently, we produce rear brake drums, and non-handed front spindles.

In all products, great care has been taken to produce the strongest and most reliable part possible, capable of many years of high stress useage, with little or no weight gain from the original.

Brake Drums are of our own design, custom cast locally from a high-tensile gray cast iron similar to that of our Formula Car rotors. All castings are stress relieved prior to CNC machining and broaching.

Front Spindles are custom cast locally from high purity 8620 steel alloy, and are heat treated to a tensile strength of approximately 150,000 psi., and CNC machined to exacting tolerances. A web is provided for attachment of any desired steering arm.

Development is currently underway for new suspension upgrades, and will be introduced shortly.

All Formula Vee components are available exclusively through Bob Lybarger Racing. He can be contacted at:

Bob Lybarger Racing
4414 W. HiPoint Road
McHenry,IL 60050

Tel: (815) 363-8560
Fax: (815) 363-1571