Engineering Services

(See also Custom Fabrication and Machine Shop)

The one characteristic that has distinguished Zink and Citation Cars from those of other manufacturers is the ongoing engineering services that we have provided to our customers over the years. We have won national championships in FV, FF, FSV and FC. Additionally we have expanded to Formula Atlantic and Indy Lights.

Shock DynoShock Absorbers: ICP works closely with the major shock manufactures to develop shock valving applicable to formula cars from FV to Indy Lights using the absolute latest in developments learned from the professional levels. In-house shock work is done on an SPA shock dynamometer, and we are currently in the final stages of developing a new type of shock dyno for research purposes.  We service Fox, Ohlins, and Penske shocks.

Suspension Analysis:  For this service we utilize several software packages to develop in-depth understanding of how a particular suspension system will perform on the track.  Computer simulations can be added to get an even better picture of the potential of particular chassis setups.

Chassis Analysis:  As we designed and developed various formula cars over the last 25 years, we have perfected techniques to understand and improve the frame and suspension structures of the cars we work on.  This includes FEA modeling and full car torsion testing.

Engineering Clinics:  During the off-season we have given seminars covering the fundamentals of racecar engineering necessary for the successful campaigning of any type of racecar but especially formula cars.  We can cover both road and oval courses.  While we use the language of data logging systems to illustrate the principals we are teaching, our emphasis is on those principals necessary for successful analysis and tuning of a cars performance.