ICP/Hypercoil Hydraulic Load Centering Shock Spring Perches

Hyperco Shock Spring PerchesICP, in conjunction with the world’s leading racing spring manufacturer Hypercoil, are pleased to announce the development of a unique product – Hydraulic Load Centering Spring Perches.

On any race car, friction in the suspension means a loss in mechanical grip. While all designers take great pains to minimize friction in their suspension systems, the one place always overlooked is the shock friction caused by bending loads produced by the springs. These loads are significant.

All coil springs, regardless of their manufacture, produce a side load when compressed. Depending on the design, these loads can be up to 75% of the overall spring compressive loading. ICP/Hypercoil perches are designed to reduce these loads up to 65% when used at one end of the spring, and up to 98% when used at both ends.

Each perch consists of an outer housing that is machined as an annular cylinder, and an annular piston/perch that is inserted into the outer housing. Upon assembly, the 2 pieces are sealed to each other by 2 O-rings, and the cavity that is formed between the two filled with hydraulic oil.

When loaded by the spring, the piston/perch automatically tilts as required to compensate for the uneven loads, with 4 degrees of tilt available. The spring load produces an evenly distributed hydraulic pressure within the cavity, automatically centering the load at the center of the shock shaft.

Maximum effectiveness is with perches used at both ends of the spring.

Perches are available in two varieties – add-on and full-replacement, in 1.875, 2.0, 2.25, and 2.5 ID’s.

Add-on perches simply slip onto the existing spring perches. They are the least expensive, but add the most weight and bulk.

Add-on perches will work on any existing shock.

Replacement perches totally replace the existing shock perches. They are the most expensive, but have the benefit of the lowest assembly weight and bulk.

Replacement perches are currently available for Penske, Ohlins, and Koni

Prices start at $166.50 for Add-on Perches, and $177.50 for Replacement Perches.

Custom perches are available on a per-request basis.


Please contact Hyperco directly for all orders.

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