ICP Introduces the New Variloc Chain Drive Differential

Based on the same championship winning technology as our line of Mini Stock Quick Change differentials, but designed for the demands of the next generation of motorcycle powered racers.  Only this differential gives you:

  • All Aluminum Construction for minimum rotating mass and maximum acceleration
  • Compact Packaging for maximum installation ease and versatility
  • Sealed for maximum reliability with minimum maintenance
  • Unmatched Tuning Versatility - the almost infinite locking rate adjustability can be performed independently for acceleration, deceleration, and coast conditions.  You get to adjust the differential characteristics to suit your needs, not what someone else thinks you need.

ICP's Variloc differentials have unmatched reputation for performance, reliability, and manufacturer technical support.  With multiple championships in almost every major racing category in the U.S., the Variloc has a proven track record.